Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Surprise- a What-if tutorial-PART 1

Step 1. 
a.Get a template. We will use a bombardier CRJ-900 for this. (In jetBlue livery, by the way). So, go to sla31.webs.com. Then click Templates/Paint Schemes (The red box in Fig. 1)
    Fig. 1

b. This will send you to this screen (Fig. 2).

Since we will use a Bombardier CRJ-900, click on the "Bombardier/Canadier Templates" (Red box)

We will then choose the airplane variant. Since this is the "Bombardier/Canadier Templates" album, we will see templates for the CRJ-200, CRJ-700, CRJ-900 and CRJ-1000. If you dont know which is the right airplane, just put your mouse pointer on top of the thumbnail and a textbox with the name of the airplane.

When you click on the thumbnail, this will bring you on this screen (Screenshot on top). Click "Full Size" (the one inside the red box.

When you click on the "Full Size" button, this will result, now, copy this to your editing software (MS Paint, which will be used in this tutorial, Adobe Illustrator, etc.)

Stay tuned for the next Part!

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